Finance Council


Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in Parish Center (After Buildings & Grounds)

Chairperson -Peter Smet

Contact: 262-210-3660

This standing committee oversees the operations and finances of the parish, making recommendations to the Council concerning all aspects of parish financial and budget matters, personnel, stewardship of resources, church support, and fundraising coordination, as well as upkeep of the physical facilities and properties of the parish.  The committee works closely with the Council and is supportive of all other committees.  This committee does not decide priorities for the parish, rather that is the responsibility of the Council.

Trustees – Trustees are nominated by the parishioners or by appointment from the presiding pastor/parish director every three years.  Signatures of 10(ten) parishioners are needed to be considered for the election.  Elected trustees will serve a term of three years and may be up for renewal for one additional and consecutive term.  A financial background is helpful, but not necessary.