Liturgical Ministers

These men, women, youth and children carry out their baptismal call to be disciples by sharing their time, talent and treasure in the liturgy.  All ministers are provided with training and practice sessions, as well as flexible scheduling.  Often the main recruitment is during the summer, but individuals may declare their interest at any time during the year.  Through their ministry, each minister takes a more active part in the liturgical life of the parish and shares
in the work of the Prayer and Worship Committee.

Communion to the Homebound– This ministry is a special combination of the Ministry of Hospitality and the Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.  A Homebound Minister serves the needs of those who are physically unable or who have special needs.  Ministers to the Homebound visit sick parishioners in their homes, share a Scripture reading and distribute Holy Communion.  A booklet entitled Administation of Communion to the Sick by a Special
 is provided to assist the Homebound Minister.

Any parish member who has been confirmed may be a Homebound Minister.  We especially encourage family members of the homebound person to be part of this ministry.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion.  They should be eager to take Christ to others in a reverent and loving manner.

Lectors (Ministers of the Word) – Lectors are men and women of the parish you see at Mass who process in with the Book of the Gospels and proclaim the Word.  Lectors should have the ability to read well in a clear, articulate manner and a willingness to prepare ahead of time for their role.

Ministers of Hospitality – Ushers/Greeters – These men and women of the parish provide service to members and guests at all liturgical and para-liturgical services.  Their duties may include opening and closing the church, turning on and off the lights, greeting people as they enter and leave our church, helping find seating, and providing
assistance in times of stress, when necessary.  They also promote orderly movement of persons when appropriate and collect the monetary offering during services.  These people should care about the well-being of others and be alert to their needs.

Sacristans -These men and women of the parish work mainly behind the scenes.  Prior to Mass, they prepare hosts, wine, vessels, and linens used during Mass.  They replace used candles and keep the Sanctuary Light burning.  Sacristans monitor the inventory of supplies such as hosts, wine, and candles, and make sure the needed
items are available.

Servers – These youth and some adults serve at the alter.  Their role consists of handling with dignity the sacred vessels and items in preparation for the celebration of the Eucharist and of assisting the celebrant and other ministers of Mass and at other liturgical and para-liturgical functions.  Such activities include lighting of the
candles, joining in the processional, holding the book for the celebrant, handling the water and wine, and performing other miscellaneous duties.  Boys and girls may volunteer after they have received their First Eucharist.  Adults may also share in this ministry.