Tri-Parish Pastoral Council

Tri-Parish Pastoral Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.
Check bulletin or calendar for location.

Brian Daniels, Chairperson 763-7317
Mark Ehlen 763-8194
Mary Ann Johnson, Vice Chairperson 812-7547
Bill Korducki  763-4369
Tom Lebak 763-6006
Marilyn Putz, Secretary 763-9075
Jacki Scholze 763-4611
Rick Tinder 414-378-8555
Ellen Voslar 763-2056

The purpose of the Tri-Parish Pastoral Council
1. The council shall be a vehicle for the parish to fulfill the pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church in a specific part of the Archdiocese. It does this by developing Catholic identity, promoting evangelization, and fostering stewardship.
2. The Council shall strive to build a community of disciples who recognize their baptismal calls to lives of holiness, witness and service.
3. The Council shall engage in a continuous process of pastoral planning, which also takes in to account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the world.


 Click Here to view the Tri-Parish Pastoral Council Minutes