Religious Education

Tuesday 9-3 Rita Van Schyndel
Wednesday 9-3, 6-8 Phone: 262-763-2050
Thursday 9-12 Email: [email protected]

St. Joseph’s offers Religious Education in cooperation with St. Mary and St. Charles parishes. (Burlington Tri-Parish Religious Education)

Burlington Tri-Parish Religious Education offers three programs for your family.

❑ REP Classes: Parents will drop off children for weekly grade-leveled classes from 9:15-10:15am on Sundays at St. Mary Parish School. Available for grades K-8

❑ Family Life Nights: Families attend together from 5-7pm on the first and third Sundays at St. Charles Church. This option is available for all ages, including Pre K through 12th. One adult must attend with children until high school. Please attend the 4pm Family Life Night Mass.

❑ Home School: Parents will independently instruct their children with support from their parish staff. Extra book fees may apply.

Please click the link and download the registration form.  Let us know which program your family will be attending.


Please use the links below for the 2018-2019 Calendar and registration form of our Tri-Parish education program.

Tri-Parish Religious Education On-Line REgistration

2018-2019 – Tri Parish Religious Education Registration Form

Family Life Calendar 2018 – 2019  (Hosted at St. Charles)

Tri-Parish Sunday Morning Classes 2018-20189  (Hosted at St. Mary)